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Covid 19 prevention tips

Keep Your People Safe from Covid-19

Covid-19 Defence: Be Responsible, with healthy respiratory hygiene. Be Wise and Sanitize. Be Smart & Stay apart. Be Caring by Sharing.

Gold Standard for Wellness, Health and Safety

Our aim at We Thrive At Work is to empower and support you and your organization to be the best globally.
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Rating your wellness program's effectiveness ?

You should evaluate your wellness program and plans against the global standards included in the Seven Benchmarks.

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Excellence is our base service standard.

The best partner to improve your results.

We Thrive At Work is a comprehensive and customizable suite of solutions developed by the experts and partners of Essential Medical Services. Each deploys globally-recognized standards of excellence for optimizing the well-being, resilience, and performance of employees, employers, and their organizations. Whether you are seeking solutions for delivering superior results in workplace wellness, mental health, engagement, occupational health and safety, and other leadership-led initiatives, our team can likely surpass your expectations. Convenience, for busy work-schedules and everyday life, and ease-of-use are two core pillars for greater success that are included within our solutions. Our cutting-edge techniques provide you with very efficient and effective methods for unleashing the best potentials at work. Let’s talk more about how we can customize the best solutions for you, simply enter your email and then submit the form below.


Services and Solutions

Achieve your best results We have what you will need!

Comprehensive Health Solutions

Our 7-Star Lifestyle Program provides convenience, empowerment and healthier practices support for employees and employers to complete their should-dos, must-dos and want-to-dos for their health care needs, Covid-19 and other risk states.

Mental Health, Resilience and Optimized Well-being Solutions

Our well-being solutions and PRO EAP (employee Assistance Progra) options go above and beyond the inclusion of traditional 'responsive' care and counselling services in powerful 'potential unleashing' ways.

Wellness committee and team trainings and coaching.

Our Well Workplace Accelerator program is design to quickly shift the skills and knowledge of you wellness program implementing team from where ever they are to gold standard .

Be empowered to save on health costs and thrive with the best care options

Enjoy convenience at your fingertips
Personalized care can be made available conveniently to your teams at their workplace, by delivery, online or other remote options.

Comprehensive, Holistic, Convenient and Personalized

Achieve more with the right Toolkits
Providing employees with appropriate toolkits to develop better mental resilience and healthy coping skills both before and when they need them most are vital to sustainable productivity and the resilience of all organizations.

Do you have or are you planning to assemble a wellness committee or steering team?

Unleash the power of wellness
The character qualities and competence capabilities of your wellness team determine the limit or level of success you can achieve through workplace wellness for your organization and its people. Training and coaching will unleash their potential and lift the lid that is limiting your success.
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Wellness Program

While seeming simple at first, managing wellness programs or initiatives from design to implementation can be quite an elusive task to achieve their desired results and further to sustain. We will take the tediousness out for you, allowing you to enjoy the fun.
EMS 2021 Transformational Fitness Experience

Campaigns & Challenges

Engage. Excite. Empower. Elevate
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Trainings, Expos and Events

Knowledge. Skills. Resource. Equip. Motivate

Assessments and Analytics

Research for data-driven decision making

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From your large to small, organizations of all types we have served them all.  We have what you need to solves from your largest to smallest specialized service need, we can deliver them with excellence.

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By very happy organizations we have served well.

 From your large to small, organizations of all types we have served them all.  We have what you need to solves from your largest to smallest specialized service need, we can deliver them with excellence.


A great team and network for your growth.

Essential Medical Services is the exclusive local partner to the Wellness Council of America. Together with our network of partners, we deliver world-class training and certifications for you and your wellness teams through the Well Workplace Accelerator program, SHRM, and Well Workplace Awards.


For You And Your Team

Your teams will love and enjoy being better able to unleash their best self within each workday. Ask us how you can flexibly partner with us .

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